A Session to be in much Prayer

We live in very unprecedented time of amazing human civilization. Times in which there is talk of people buying a one way ticket to settle in space. These are times of great advances in technology. These are times science has made tremendous advances toward improving our quality of live. It is truly amazing times we are living in. On a more frightening note though, we also live in times of barbaric horrific human depravity. If there was ever a time when human life is used and disposed like tissue it is today. It is a day in which children are recruited and trained to murder their own and to explode themselves in public arenas killing themselves and many others. From the horrific beheadings in the Middle East and part of Northern Africa to the abduction of more than two hundred innocent girls by “Boko Haram” to the slaughtering of the unborn child in the most advanced hospitals in our country, we are indeed part of a unique moment in history. It is not only trail blazing technology and absolute lack of respect and dignity of human Life that make this unprecedented times; it is also the fact that there is more open resistance to the gospel message. It is no longer enough for unbelievers to just say they are not Christians, they are increasing making the case for the strangling of the Christian voice. The people who are living in open sin are no longer satisfied with the public affirmation their sinful lifestyle; they are no longer satisfied with everyone acknowledging their sinful lifestyle; they want everyone who disagrees with their sinning - true followers of Christ, corned and silenced. That my brother and sister are the times we are living and such times calls for the church to be on bended knees.

These are times when we must take Paul’s message to heart, that no one is equal to the task; the task of transforming the hearts of humankind. That is why we are gathered here this early Lord’s Day because there is someone who is more than qualified for the task and his name is Jesus. We are here this morning with one goal in mind - to acknowledge God as he is and lean on him for strength, resources, and practical wisdom on how to move forward as a church. We do not have the answers to the enormous cry of the desperate human predicament, but God does. We are limited in our understanding of the times we live in, but God is not. Our strategy is in every way imperfect, but God has in place a perfect strategy for the salvation of many. That is why on the last Sunday of Every month beginning today we will seek his face and he will hear from heave and lead his church, amen!

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