Cameroon Mission April 2012 Updates

Mrs. Njungwei Martha is one of the widows who is benefiting from the Victory Baptist Church goat gift to eleven widows in Oku, Cameroon. Sometimes in the early 80s Martha dropped out of school to marry her sweet heart Moses Mawoh. By November 2005 she became a widow and has like many others in Oku been fending for herself and her children until Victory Baptist Church put a came to her assistance in June 2011. Her problems as you can see from her prayer requests are not over, but there is light at the end of the tunnel for her and her children. Martha can dream again thanks to your generous Christian love extended to her and her children.

Besides Martha’s physical needs that are enormous, there is an even greater need - spiritual. Martha from time to time will go to Church and it has been observed she frequents Bethel Baptist Church Ngashie Oku. We are trusting God that through the work of the local Church, the local ministry like the Salvation Ministries, and the demonstration of God’s unconditional love you have shown, Martha will one of these days accept the Lord Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior. She is very grateful for the gift and pdesires that the goats should grow fast and produce more and more, not only to benefit her but so that she can pass on this loving blessing to others on the waiting list.

In a couple of days Martha’s situation alongside the other eleven widows will improve a little as they will eaceh receive a cash assistance of $60. This is to assist them with their basic needs. All of this is thanks to your generosity. Concerning her children, she desires that they should love one another, and we can pray that they too will come to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior.

Martha has the following prayer requests:

  1. Pray that she should be healthy.
  2. Pray that the goats will multiply.
  3. Pray that her children should do well academically.
  4. Pray that Martha and here childrfen will come to know the joy of salvation.

Fombah Jude Ngum, 20 years old, the son of Rev. Johnson Ntumbi, pastor at a Baptist Church in Oku was selected for the scholarship program to assist his father who like many other pastors in Oku does not get paid much. And because of this, some pastors find themselves compromising the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in other to make a living. We trust God that with this assistance, it will go a long way to help Pastor Ntumbi do his God given assignment well. In June 2011, Jude had the characteristics of a Rastafarian with a large chain hanging from his neck. By August 2011, he received Christ as his Savior and Lord. He later on shaved his hair and took away the large chain from his neck. Jude is today a change person, confirmed by classmates and others who knew him prior to being placed on the Victory Baptist Church Scholarship.  All this is thanks to the love shown to him by you. Jude can now stay in school and concentrate on his studies without the fear of being sent away for school fees.

 As said earlier, Jude is born again alongside her parents. He says he will make the best out of this gift. He wants to thank his sponsors and “prays the anointing of God should flow in their lives as it has never happened before.” Jude wants to become a musician. Before receiving Christ, Jude was living a sexually immoral life. Jude desperately needs your prayers to be set free from his past. 

Join Jude to pray for the following prayer points

  • For success in his education
  • Pray for the spirit of transformation in his family
  • Pray for his spiritual growth
  • Pray for the Churches in Oku
  • Pray for his personal transformation

 Interviews conducted by our contact in the field: Kengah Gilbert Kaisa