Cameroon Mission June 2013 Update

We are in the month of June meaning in July, 2013 we will be sending school fees to Cameroon for the third school year running. Three years in a roll we are making going to school a reality for many children in the mountainous village of Oku, Cameroon in West Africa. The amazing thing about this mission endeavor is the generous manner in which God has made available the resources. We have all the school fees for the 2013/2014 school year ready to be wired to Cameroon. I cannot help but sing with joy to the Lord for your faithfulness and love for the students in Cameroon. Let me keep my joyous feelings to myself so you can hear directly from some of the students whose lives you are changing, Malvis, Joyceline, and Honorine speak on behalf of their friends.

May 17, 2013
Victory Baptist
Church USA

Dear People of God,

On behalf of my family accept special greetings. I hope you people are all well in Jesus name? I thank the authorities of VBC Church and the Christians for having a good and sympathy image about us.

I want to thank you for the wonderful things you are doing in my life and the challenge you put in my heart and that of my family. I pray God will help me to discover and use my talent. I can now see that there is something and that with your help I will reach that thing. Pray for me to achieve this by working hard in my education. I also pray that I will be with you in heaven as your reward. My desire is to extend this love you have shown me to other people who are still growing up with the same challenge that I had before you came into my life.

I wish that God will prolong all your lives in this world. May God bless you all.

Yours sincerely,

Malvis Nue


Dear people of God,

I am very happy to write and thank you for what you have done in my life. You have really changed my life by educating me.

Please, I am hoping to continue schooling to the higher level. When I will be something tomorrow, I will also help others in need as you are doing to me and others. I am pleading on you to pray for me that God should continue to manifest in my life, so that I should be light to my generation. That I should place God first in everything I do. Pray with me that God should take the spirit of fear in me and make me focus my mind in my studies, and His Words.

I am praying that God should continue to provide for you so that you will also give to others in need as you are doing for me. I shall remain forever grateful to you all. God bless you - Thank you please,

Yours sincerely

Ndintect Joyceline The


Dear people of God,

I am very happy to send this greeting to you all. I thank you people for all that you have been doing for my family and me. It is great to have you help pay my school fees.

My dear people of God, I wish to become a doctor in future so as to help other people as you people are helping me now. I am praying for you that all may go well with you. That God will grant you more finances so that you can help others too.

God bless you again for the good work you are doing for the people of my village. I pray that all of you should live in peace, honor, and unity with each other and everyone on earth so that the Lord will be happy with us all.

Honorine Kemai