Cameroon Mission June 2015 Updates

Thank God for the opportunity to communicate again. We want to thank God for what He is doing in the ministry. At last things are happening gradually. Nkfusai Mercy and Dom Solange have defended their end of course projects. Just to remind you that they are carryout out an HND (Higher National Diploma) in Management and Human Resources Management respectively at CETIC Yaoundé. Both have been under the sponsorship of Victory Baptist Church for four years now. They have been in Yaoundé for last two years.

Nkfusai Mercy’s end of course project addressed the topic: THE EFFECT OF LOAN DELINQUENCY ON THE GROWTH OF MICRO FINANCE INSTITUTIONS - THE CASE OF MACCUL (MANCHOCK CORPORATIVE CREDIT UNION) OKU. On the other hand Dom Solange’s end of course projected addressed the topic: THE IMPACT OF INDIRECT COMPENSATION ON EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY IN OKU HEALTH DISTRICT. Both did very well in their defense with grades of B and A respectively.

They just ended their mock in preparation for the final graduation (HND) exam scheduled to take place very soon. Solange will travels to Bamenda in the next two or three weeks to write her final exam there while Mercy will write her own in Yaoundé.

It has not been easy for these two students, but the Lord has brought them thus far. They will most certainly finish well. On their behalf and on the behalf of the rest of the students benefiting from the VBC scholarship, we are so grateful that the race is gradually coming to an end for these two. I want to especially appreciate the support of VBC and their pastor. Keep up the good work Church.

Greet the brethren for us.

Sincerely in his service,
Mbenben Amos

Program coordinator
Cameroon, West Africa.

Pray for Solange and Mercy and they study to take their final exams. Also, pray that they will find jobs after school and be able to support themselves and their families.

Find here the pictures of Mercy and Solange at the defense.

Amos, Solange to his right and Mercy to his left after successfully defending their end of course projects.   Solange after her defense   Solange during her defense
Mercy after her defense   Mercy during her defense