Cameroon Mission May 2013 Update

(1). Pastor Nkaimbi Denis goes to serve God at Noni

Pastor Denis is one of the beneficiaries of the Scholarship Ministry of Victory Baptist Church, DeKalb Illinois USA. He has completed his four year training at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Ndu, graduating with a Bachelor of Theology. The Scholarship Ministry identified him in his third year of seminary training. The ministry came to his assistance just at an opportune moment. By the grace of God, he has come to the end of his Bachelor’s program. While pending official graduation this 2013, (we will be there and bring you updates by His grace) he has been called to serve God at a Baptist Church in a village 20 miles west of Oku called Noni.

The call of Pastor Denis to Noni is an answered prayer. Some indigents of this village have prayed and requested Salvation Ministries to extend their soccer evangelistic summer program to this village, but the absence of someone to coordinate the ministry there has now been solved. Pastor Denis is ready to coordinate the ministry in this village. Again, we praise God’s name for all that this Victory Scholarship Ministry has done in the life of Denis, and many others. God will always be with you. As God has used you to change the life of Pastor Denis, this gesture has triggered a passion in Pastor Denis to do same for many others. Thanks for your generosity in giving and praying. Please, keep Pastor Denis in your prayers as he transitions from the life of a student to that of a shepherd of the flock of His Savior.

(2). A thanksgiving prayer

We are thankful to the Lord for a successful surgical procedure for one of our scholarship beneficiaries’ wife Comfort. Comfort is the wife to Reverend Ntumbi Etienne who is at the seminary in Ndu Cameroon. She went through a successful surgery on February 15, 2012. The operation was sudden, successful, and she is fully recovered.

(3). Letter of Appreciation from 
Dom Solange
GHS Elak Oku
North West Region

April 26, 2013
Victory Baptist Church



Good morning to you all. Accept greetings coming from your daughter in the Lord. I have the honor and respect to exercise my happiness to you people out there. It is true that it is a miraculous thing to see someone offering you a pen and even a pencil but to my greatest surprise, I have found people who are ready to sacrifice their wealth for my life and that of my family. I know that it is not because you people have in abundance but because of the love and concern that you people have for mankind.

Secondly, I really appreciate VBC for conceiving this great vision that the almighty has revealed to you as a Christian body. I thank God for the leaders he is using like Pastor Ngum Eric Mr. Amos Mbenben and many of you and do not know your names, thank you.

My prayer for VBC is that God should help you to continue to expand materially, physically, financially, and above all spiritually as the Bible says, “The Lord will provide all my needs according to His riches in glory.”

I promise before you and God to try as much as possible to study, to have good conduct in school and at home and not to neglect any subject. My plea for the Church of God is that you should pray that God should grant me success at the end of the day for we all know that upon all our struggles here on earth, without God’s hand in them, all will be vanity. As such, you should not think that you have sown in a sandy soil or in the desert but I assure you that you people have planted a seed in a fertile soil which is going to yield more fruit in its season.

And may the Lord Almighty who called us to be with us in unity lead us through this tough but sweat race. May the grace of our Lord be with you all.

Yours sincerely

Dom Solange
Upper Sixth Student

Amos Mbenben Kebei Ngum Eric Mangek (Reverend)
Salvation Ministries Victory Baptist Church; Dekalb
Email:, Email :
+237 77 58 48 02 / 76 28 66 68 Tel: 0018157566212