Cameroon Mission October 15 Update


There are great stories to tell about our five years of mission among the Oku people work in Cameroon. One of them is the story of a girl by name Nyingchia Nancy Naah. Nancy was one of the first students to benefit from the scholarship. By the end of her first year benefiting from the scholarship Nancy made some wrong choices – she became pregnant. The representatives in the field dropped Nancy from the scholarship program the following year, but they did not give up on her. They kept in contact with her and encouraged and counseled her through her pregnancy and birth. In the process, they pointed out her sin and gave her an opportunity to seek God’s grace. (We can only hope a seed was planted or one was watered). Because of the pregnancy, Nancy was out of school for one year. In the third year of the scholarship Nancy was given another chance to go back to school. This time around Nancy successfully finished middle school. (I must note that with a middle school certificate in Cameroon, a child is open to a few opportunities). Nancy then went unto high school and finished the first year of high school. (I must note again that in Cameroon High School is only two year because middle school is five years). Unfortunately, Nancy could not continue to the last year of high school. First, she became sick and had to drop out of school during the first semester of the last year of high school. When second semester came around she was better and so our field representatives were expecting Nancy should return to school. That did not happen. It would appear Nancy was not only sick but also had become pregnant with a second child.


When I was in Cameroon, to bury my aunt August 2015, Nancy came and met with me. Although she did not tell me the whole story, she did one thing. She appreciated VBC for giving her a chance to complete middle school. Nancy said, “Without your help and love I would have never made it through middle school. I am thankful to God for what he did to me through VBC. I wanted to come and personally thank you and ask you to take my word of appreciate back to the people who loved me without knowing me. Thank you very much for giving me a chance in life.”


The up-to-date information from our field representatives says Nancy is working as a secretary in one of the middle schools in the village of Oku. Besides working, the other good news is that Nancy is married. Regardless of the rough road Nancy has taken, one thing is clear – your love of Christ demonstrated through your generous giving to the Cameroon Scholarship Fund gave Nancy the basic preparation she needed. Now she can help her children in the future do their homework. Now she is working and can be able to take care of her two children. Nancy is also in a better place where she is able to work and support her husband. I can only ask that as Nancy is grateful for the material gifts God brought to her through you, that she will very soon also see a far more greater gift God is extending to her through you – the gift of his love in Christ. That is why this next month I want us to pray for Nancy. Pray that God would guide Nancy’s steps to the foot of the cross where she can find forgiveness for her sins, rest for her soul, and wisdom to raise her children. Thank you for giving to help children like Nancy. And thank you for praying for Nancy and her family this month.