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This month’s highlihght on the Cameroon Missions

The Goat Project

Tumjom Sarah Ghome (61)

Mammy Tumjom Sarah Ghome, age 61, became a widow in 1988 following the sudden death of her husband. Her husband was a pastor with the Cameroon Baptist Convention Church in Cameroon. He died and left Sarah with eight children, four boys and four girls, to care for. Since the death of her husband she has been surviving on small scale farming to provide for her family of nine. According to Sarah, life has been one long painful trial since her husband died.

Sarah is one of the eleven women who received the gift of two sheep and a goat from Victory Baptist Church. She is very grateful for the gift and thanks God for the giver. She is overwhelmed with joy that people who do not know her can lavish her with such love. However, as a child of God, she knows that it is God who has loved her through the believers at Victory Baptist Church. While she prays to God for wisdom to take care of her gift, her number one prayer is for God to give the Christians at Victory Baptist Church more love so that they can love many more widows like her. She looks to the future with a glimmer of hope trusting God that the sheep and goat will go a long way to ameliorate the lifestyle of her family. Her greatest challenge is to see her children come to faith and actively serve the Lord.

Mammy has the following prayer points for us:

  • Pray for her health, that God should keep her healthy;
  • Pray also for the salvation of four of her children;
  • Pray that there will be a family reunion. She has not seen some of her children in years.

The Scholarship Project

Yancho Randi Mbibe (18)

Yancho Randi Mbibe is a beneficiary of the Victory Baptist Church Scholarship Program. He is 18 years of age and is in Form Four (freshman in High School) at Government Technical High School, Oku. He is an orphan having lost both his father and mother. Without the scholarship from Victory Baptist Church, Randi would never have the opportunity to see the four walls of a classroom. Thanks to your generous giving, Randi is where every other 18-year-old boy should be, in school.

Randi is a Christian and fellowships at the Cameroon Baptist Convention Church, Ngashie Oku. He says this gift comes as an answered prayer given the fact that he has been praying for a long time for someone to help him pay his school fees. He has a message to Victory Baptist Church, that is, “thank you”. Randy wants to become a civil engineer. Whenever Randi thinks of the past, he is really disturbed. However, with the love shown to him by Victory Baptist Church and Salvation Ministries, he is overcoming the past as he now looks to the future with hope and joy.

Randi would like for us to pray for the unity of his family. Randi says everyone in his family is going their own way. He would love to see his family united and working together. Will you please pray for Randi, that he will see his dream of becoming an engineer come to pass and that his family will come together.

NB: Let us remember our commitment to Randi and twelve others like him for the next three years. It is a promise we will keep. So let us remember to give generously, cheerfully, and sacrificially so that Randi and others will stay in school. Thanks in advance for your cheerful giving.


We are a Great Commission church that believes strongly in beginning in our Jerusalem but with the world in view. We seek to be living the incarnate love of Christ not only to those in DeKalb, Illinois and North America, but to those far off, like Oku in Cameroon. God’s forgiveness is global, God’s grace is global, God’s church is global, and God’s commission has the universe as the ultimate goal. God’s love, too, is global so that here at Victory we are committed to touching lives and changing them with the transforming love of Christ wherever God by his Spirit leads us.

One of those places God has led us is to Oku in Cameroon, the home of our pastoral family. The village of Oku made up of 120,000 people can be named among some of the poorest places on the face of the earth. The people do not necessarily go hungry per se, but they lack basic human needs that a lot of us take for granted especially here in the West. Imagine being a widow in a place like this or a student who really wants to go to school but your parents cannot afford it? Then imagine someone making this possible for you? That is exactly what Victory Baptist Church is doing for eleven widows and thirteen students in the village of Ngashie in Oku.

In June, 2011, Victory sent a team of three short-term missionaries to Oku and within the course of three weeks they worked with the local church to identify eleven widows who were each given a goat and two sheep, and thirteen students whose school fees, books and uniforms will be paid for the next three school years. For more details on this trip, see the video at the top of this page and the slideshow at the bottom. We will feature each of the recipients of either the goat/sheep or scholarship in both our newsletter and here on this page.

Thanks for reading and just in case you would like to be a part of this ministry, I want to let you know that you can give to this ministry at anytime through Victory Baptist Church.

Send your checks to:
Victory Baptist Church
1930 Sycamore Road

Mark on them Cameroon Missions. Thanks in advance for giving to the Lord’s work.

Ngum Eric Mangek

Adeline is on of the windows who benefited from the goats project.   Jackline will soon be our first success story with the scholarship fund. She will soon graduate with a teacher certificate and will be able to support herself and her family.