Cameroon Missions: April Updates

Our baby steps of faith are being transformed into magnificent steps of faith right before our very eyes. It is with a lot of humility that I say this, for it is only God who can do what is being done in Cameroon right now; and he can only work with faithful men and women like you. I therefore praise God on your behalf for all the excellent reports from Cameroon about your faithfulness. About two weeks ago, eight additional widows in the village of Oku in Cameroon received three goats each. This is happening less than a year from when we gave out three goats to eleven widows last June 2011. In our wildest imaginations we were hoping it will take three years in the least before we give out goats to other widows. Our idea was, which still is, that when the goats reproduce, we will pass the gift on. But thanks to the loving kindness of God, we have added eight other widows in less than a year. What this means is that in three to five years, many other widows will be helped in Oku, Cameroon? You can now see why I say God has taken over our baby steps of faith and is doing something magnificent with it. Let all the glory ascend to the throne of God in heaven, as his blessings make their way to the faithful down here. Amen!

Lon Annesta

Let me now introduce you to one of the new additions, Mammy Lon Annesta a strong woman of faith. She has not just been brought into the fold because of her need which is great, but also because of her state of faith, so that she can lead the other women. Since last June the eleven women who received the goat gift from Victory have been meeting for prayer and Bible study monthly, but without any strong leader to lead and shepherd them, so Lon Annesta comes in to meet that need. Therefore, pray for Mammy Lon Annesta; pray that the Lord will inspire her to be an inspiration to the other women. Pray that she will be a good link between the women and the local church. Pray that God will use her to lead the other women into his presence where they can find peace for their arching hearts, souls, and bodies. Pray also that the Lord will multiply and increase the gift so that many more women in need will be assisted. Thank you for your prayers.

In the pictures above you can see a widow Mammy Teh Odelia receiving cash assistance from the pastor of the church with Amos our main coordinator to the left. On the other picture you can see both the old and new beneficiaries of the goats in picture with the pastor.


To the left standing Mabel & Blessing: To the right alone Ndom Solange Junior in High Sch0ol

Mabel on the far left  and Solange to the far right are already on the scholarship program and Blessing  in the middle is a new addition come September 2012. They are standing in front of their school. Please pray for them that the Lord will lead and guide them in their studies. Pray that they will grow in their faith as they have all prophesied faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. As pray that they will finish this school year strong, passing their final exams and being promoted to the next level.

First on the third roll Honorine Kemail. Stand in uniform Ebjaff Mabel to school.

You can see a typical classroom in Oku withone of our student, first on the third roll. On the other picture is a student on her way to school Unilike in the west, all students in Oku walk to school, sometimes doing distances of five to six miles or even more in some cases. Growing up in this village, I use to travel for 8 miles one way to school. Things have changed to but a lot of children still travel a lot to go to school. It keeps them fit thought.

The reason we are in Oku Cameroon is so that God will be worshiped, praise, and glorified. This will take place as new   believers are made and old ones are stirred in their spirits to worship gracious kindness of God expressed to the people of Oku Cameroon through us.

Right here in this picture the village has gathered for worship to witness the distribution of goats to the new eight widows, as well as the cash assistance. to them.

Therfore, pray that in all that we are doing in Oku Cameroon, that one thing and one thing only will happen, that God’s name will be honored. I am sure you already know that God can only be worshiupped by those who know him through grace in Christ. Jesus came to seek and to save from all the nations of the world worshippers who will worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. Thank you.

If you are not already on board with this great movement of God you can join us with a donnation to the Cameroon Missions. Thanks for giving and for praying.