Cameroon Missions February 2015

One of the interesting moments in the life of a farmer is to walk through his/her farm and see his see begin to sprout and grow. It is usually after long periods of tilling, fertilizing, planting, and then waiting for the seed to grow and produce. Despite the hard work involved farmers do it over and over again. It is about the same thing when it comes to missionary work abroad or at home. Regardless of how hard it is to take the gospel to foreign lands or to the neighborhood next door, missionaries and churches have not given up because the seed planted always grows and bears fruit. We have been in Cameroon now for close to six years and are beginning to see fruit. We are excited to share with you the following letter:

Hello Pastor Eric, how it is in Illinois? I hope all is well with you the family and the church? Accept greetings from my family and the church family in Noni, Cameroon the village where my wife and I are serving. I am writing to encourage you that the Lord is with you as you serve him in his vineyard. Extend our warm greetings to everyone at the church.

Attached are the pictures I promised to send you.The child in uniform and the other in black and white are the ones I am sponsoring. One is in the primary school while the other is in the secondary school. I have many others whom I desire to support but there is not means so I am limited to what I can do. It is really a burden in my heart. Thanks.

    This girl is a student in elementary school that I am supporting   Another photo of the elementary student (in uniform) that I am supporting   This is a picture of a student I am supporting in the Middle school
Here is a picture of some of the Christians in the Church.   This is a picture of our son   This is my (Denis) picture with my son   My young family
My young family   Here is another picture of the Christians   Denis   Another family picture
My wife and baby   The Shepherd and Christ’s Sheep