Cameroon Missions: July 2013 update

I am sure you enjoyed reading from some of our students in Cameroon in last month’s Cameroon update. I am sure you did not miss noticing how big they are dreaming. I am also sure you noticed they are already thinking about helping others. All of that are possible thanks to your loving kindness expressed toward these children and their families through the scholarship program.

That is why in the last business meeting the church voted to send $5,500 to Cameroon come end of July 2013 to cover the tuition and other schooling expenses for the 2013/2014 school year for the 15 students we are currently sponsoring in Oku, Cameroon. Thank you very much. It also means that we will begin to raise money for the 2014/2015 school year; thus giving us enough time to do this without any pressure, and to do it willingly, joyfully, and cheerfully as always.

I will also like to mention for your prayers the business meeting also voted for three Christians from Victory to go to Cameroon June 2014. The good news again is that the cost of airfare for the three is already available, which means we need to raise only money for their living and travel expenses while in Cameroon, which at the moment is estimated at about $3,500-$4,000. This is could change depending on the exchange rate by this time next year. The goal of the mission trip is to evaluate the goat and scholarship ministry as well as a second leadership seminar for over 50 pastors in the mountainous village of Oku, Cameroon.

Let us join together in prayer that the Lord’s name will be highly honored in all of these things. Thanks for your faithfulness.

Student Student Pastor receiving a Study Bible