Cameroon Scholarship Fund November 2015 Updates

A New Filed Coordinator

Since the inception of the Cameroon Missions work about nine years ago, Mbenben Amos seen in the second picture with Allyn Davenport has served as our field coordinator. Within these nine years Amos has gone to school and graduated with an MA in hospital management. Even more importantly, Amos has been called to be an evangelist taking the gospel message to young Cameroonians via the soccer ministry. Amos wants to use his time wisely as well as be there for his family; consequently, Amos has asked to step down as our field coordinator. He will be replaced by Pastor Nkaimbi Denis  seen in the picture to the left with his wife and child. Pastor Denis is our first seminary graduate who now serves as pastor in one of the churches in the village of Noni, a village neighboring Oku.


            Pastor Denis and his wife and child                             Allyn and Amos           

 Here now is Amos’ letter stepping down as our field coordinator in Cameroon.

October 19, 2015


To:                  The Deacon’s Board

                        Victory Baptist Church DeKalb Il, USA

                        C/o Pastor Ngum Eric Mangek


From:            Amos Mbenben Kebei


Dear in Christ,

Subject: Stepping down as Coordinator of Victory Baptist Church Ministry Projects in Cameroon:


It is with immense gratitude that I submit my letter to step down as the coordinator of the above ministry in Cameroon. I have served as a volunteer of this program since 2009 when the Pastor of your Church contacted me.

 It has really been a great pleasure working with you. My joy comes when I see the less privileged sponsored in school and the fact that some of them as working now.

 Due to the work that the Lord has called me into, I will not be able to meet up with the expectations of the ministry.

 Based on the discussions I had with your pastor while here in Cameroon, I will like to propose one of the beneficiaries to take over where I have left. His name is Pastor Denis Nkambi who is currently serving as pastor in one of the local Baptist Churches in Noni, a few kilometers from Ngashie Oku.

 Arrangements can be made for me to handover the documents and any other thing that belongs to the Ministry. It is also very instrumental that he be introduce to all the stakeholders that we have been working with and also take over as one of the signatories to the ministry’s account.

 Once again, I am grateful for having been a part of this wonderful ministry that has really taught me just much in this area of ministry.

 Be blessed in Jesus Name

  Amos Mbenben Kebei


  Prayer Request:

1.      1. Pray for Amos. Pray that God would supply his needs and that of the ministry he has called him to.

2.     2.  Pray for Pastor Denis. Pray that God would use him mightily as our new field coordinator.

3.      3. Pray that the transition from Amos to Denis would be a smooth one.

4. Pray that God would continue to provide through us the resources needed for this ministry to continue to lift many families in Oku out of poverty.