Our Core Values
At VBC we thrive on the truth that the triune God has given us a life changing and life transforming gospel to evangelize, equip, and empower Christians to live authentic lives for his infinite glory.
1. Authentic Gospel: It is the gospel that exposes sin and its eternal consequences, expresses hope in the salvation wrath in the death and resurrection of Christ alone, and explains the grace needed for everyday living with God’s glory as our ultimate goal.
2. Authentic Life: It is a life transformed by the power of the gospel and lived for the infinite glory of God and the gladness of others. It is truth lived out.
3. Authentic Preaching: As God’s ordained means of saving and sanctifying sinners authentic preaching declares the whole gospel from the whole Bible for the benefit of the whole church in the whole community.
4. Authentic Faith: It is faith that comes by grace and is evident through love and works of righteousness. It is faith lived out in works of righteousness both privately and publicly.
5. Authentic Community: It is the necessary outcome of authentic preaching marked by love for one another that demonstrates to the world the authentic nature of true faith in Jesus Christ. We will therefore make available ministry opportunities to enrich the spiritual growth of our members and visitors. We will also become a vital voice in the larger communities beyond our church by increasing our outreach, service, and social action efforts.
6. Authentic Worship: It is worship that is centered on one object – Jesus Christ. It is thus a glorious, heartfelt time of praising God that takes place when authentic community congregates together. It is not necessarily the style of worship that matters, but the object of worship that units our hearts when congregated together as a body. Such worship is informed by the truth of God's word and inspired by the Holy Spirit of God in every believer. It is worship in Spirit and in Truth.
7. Authentic Mission: It is the declaration of the authentic gospel to every nation, people, language, and tribe with the single purpose of filling the world with the glory of God.
8. Authentic Leadership: It is servant leadership faithfully proclaiming the authentic gospel and harnessing the resources of the church to evangelize, equip, and empower members of the authentic community for works of righteousness.