Update of Cameroon Missions, December 2015.

This is the season in which we raise most of the money for the Cameroon Scholarship Fund. Alongside two other missions giving we are giving to support fifteen students and their families in the village of Oku, Cameroon, West Africa. I am delighted to be part of this ministry because I have seen first-hand how God is using our generosity to lift families gradually out of poverty. I am confident we will again give generously not only to the Cameroon missions but also to our other mission’s projects. Thank you for giving.

Here are two things I would ask that you prayerfully consider for 2016. Frist, adopt one of our students in Oku and write to them. You are already giving to support them and pay their school fees; however, it would have a tremendous impact in the life of a child to read from a member of this congregation. If you are interested, let me know and we will make a name and address available to you. The second thing I am prayerfully asking that we consider is this; if 40 of our members can give $10 a month we would raise $400 a month and $4,000 in twelve months. I am thinking this could be an easy way for us to fund this ministry without having to make appeals every now and then. Like I said, pray about this and we can talk about it more in the New Year.

In the main time pray for our students as many of them would celebrate Christmas without the material affluence that many of us have been blessed with in the West. One sure way to remember them is to give generously to support the Cameroon Scholarship Fund. Thanks in advance for your generosity, and Merry Christmas.