Cam. Missions Feb. 16 Updates


I will like to come back to the change of leadership at the helm of the Cameroon Mission in Oku Cameroon. We now have Pastor Denis Nkaimbi leading the ministry in Cameroon. The picture above shows Amos, Gilbert, and a leader of the church briefing Pastor Denis, second from the right, on what the Cameroon Mission is all about. Although a beneficiary, Denis still needed to be briefed on how the ministry started, where it is right now, and where it is going next. It is not doubt Denis is not only ready, but also on fire as this recent email from him indicates.

He writes, Greetings from this end to you and family and Happy New Year to your family and the church. Hope everyone is in good condition. Receive greetings from your Dad. I was with him at the compound to greet him and he asked me to greet you at any time I reach you.

As for the ministry, I want to cease this opportunity to say that I am actually humbled by the assignment given to me by USA CAMEROON MISSIONS. I had never dreamed that I could be the one to coordinate the ministry. I have therefore taken the assignment as coming direct from above; hence he who assigned me to this so great a task will equally give me the grace and ability to take the ministry to another dimension to the praise and glory of his name. In John 15:5 the Bible says that without Christ I can do nothing while in Phil.4: 13 it says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Pastor Denis ends his email with an interesting question; “I will like to know from you this one thing. What are the expectations you have for me as the leader of this ministry in Cameroon?

Needless to say I have responded to his inquiry, and that will be the subject of the next Cam. Mission Updates for the month of March. In the main time though, I want you to pray for Pastor Denis, for his family, his ministry as pastor of a local church, and his leadership role in the Cameroon Missions. Pray that God will give him wisdom to carry out the task he has prepared and called him to do. The half-brother of our Lord tells us in James 1:5, “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.” Let us ask God for wisdom for Pastor Denis, would you?