From the Pastor

The Last word on Marriage is God’s Word
In my humble opinion the Supreme Court of the United States is late in the game, and here is what I mean, the “church” in the last decade had taken the first step in embracing this twenty first century alternate life style as an acceptable lifestyle not only for the laity but even for the […]

Easter Reflection
When God allows bad things to happen to us it is not because he does not care. One would have wrongly concluded before Easter morning that God did not care about his Son and so allowed man to mistreat and kill him. But just because God has allowed that evil does not mean he does […]

The Beauty of the Resurrection
In a few days the church will celebrate one of the unique events of Christendom – the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Regardless of how you have prepared for Easter, whether you followed lent as other Christians do and gave up on some of your favorite foods or delicacies so that you can spend […]

A Session to be in much Prayer
We live in very unprecedented time of amazing human civilization. Times in which there is talk of people buying a one way ticket to settle in space. These are times of great advances in technology. These are times science has made tremendous advances toward improving our quality of live. It is truly amazing times we […]

Let the word of God Dwell Richly in You in 2015
What are the benefits of treasuring the word of God and then letting it dwell richly in us? I will suggest eight reasons: 1. The word of God has the power to enlighten us from inside out. It lights away the darkness in our hearts. 2. The word of God nourishes our soul. It was […]

Success or Significance?
As we celebrate the birth of our savior this month, the last month of 2014, many minds will wrestle with the question was this a year of success or of significance. For many the answer will be obvious; it was a year of success. This will then launch them into telling their success stories of […]

Our Situation is not unique: We are a Church that needs to grow
The situation we find ourselves in at Victory Baptist Church (VBC) is not a unique one. The fact that we are talking about moving forward failure of which might results in the death of the church in a few couple of decades is not something unique to VBC. Thousands of churches within the SBC are […]

Work as Worship Bible Study
According to J.D. Greear in his Bible study series on DVD from Right Now Ministries titled Work as Worship “Many Christians - from the CEO to the teacher to the stay-at-home mom - spend a great deal of time working and yet do not realize how their work intersects with their faith. They compartmentalize their faith to Sunday morning […]

Happy Dad’s Day to all Daddies
If there has ever been a time the world needed Daddies who care, Daddies who love, Daddies who lead, Daddies who are courageous, now is the time. Are you a Daddy who cares about the welfare of your biological children or children God has brought your way? You do not have to be a biological […]

Fear and Eveanglism
One thing that keeps church leaders and Christians from evangelizing their lost family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, you name it, is fear; fear of not knowing what to say or how to say it, or of rejection. The bad news is that we will always be afraid. The good news is that we do […]

Pastor Eric Mangek,
and his wife, Gladness Mai.

Meet the Pastor

Eric Mangek is a graduate of Yaoundé University in Cameroon where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in English Language. He is also a graduate from Moody Bible Graduate School (now Moody Theological Seminary) and of Northern Illinois University, Department of Communications.

Reverend Mangek came to us from Cameroon in West Africa and has been our pastor at Victory since March 11, 2007. He is married to Gladness Mai; they have three children: Eric, Jr., Joy and Eunice.