Job Descriptions


The pastor shall provide administrative leadership for the total church program; serve as chairman of the church council; proclaim the gospel and lead the church in proclaiming the gospel to the church and community (examples: Sunday A.M. services, Wednesday prayer meeting, church visitation, outreach service); lead congregational services; work with the congregational services planning group to plan, coordinate and evaluate congregational services; supervise, together with the personnel committee, other members of the church staff; administer, with the deacons, the ordinances of the church; counsel with and assist in training deacons for their responsibilities; cooperate with the Illinois Baptist State Association, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in promoting mutual interest activities of the church.

The minister of music shall assist the pastor in planning congregational services of the church; be responsible for the selection of the music; direct music groups and congregational singing; be aware of weddings and funerals to be held in the church; be available for counsel, and arrange and provide music for special projects, ministries, and other church-related activities in cooperation with appropriate individuals or groups; be responsible for enlisting and training leaders for the church music program in cooperation with the church nominating committee; supervise the work of all music leaders in the music program; supervise maintenance of and additions to the music library; provide musical materials, supplies, instruments, and other music equipment for use in the church’s program; cooperate with the Illinois Baptist State Association, the Southern Baptist Convention and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship leaders in promoting mutual interest activities of the denomination and the church; prepare and administer the music program budget.

The Youth Director shall direct the planning, coordination, operation, and evaluation of a comprehensive youth program; be responsible for enlisting and training leaders for the church youth program in cooperation with the church nominating committee; supervise the work of all youth leaders in the youth program; supervise maintenance of and additions to the youth audio-visual, library, and other materials and supplies for use in the church program; cooperate with the Illinois Baptist State Association, the Southern Baptist Convention and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship leaders in promoting mutual interest activities of the denomination and the church; assist with planning and conducting special projects (such as camps and retreats) for youth program organization groups.

All church officers and committee members shall be elected annually and may serve succeeding terms.



The clerk shall keep in a suitable book a record of all the actions of the church, except as otherwise provided. The clerk shall keep a register of the names of the members, with dates of admission, dismissal, or death, together with a record of baptisms; issue letters of transfer voted by the church; preserve on file all communications and written official reports; make a monthly report of all church minutes. All records belonging to the church should be kept in a suitable place in the church building.

It shall be the treasurer’s duty to keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements and to make a monthly and an annual written report to the church. The treasurer shall write and sign all checks that the church authorizes by the budget or otherwise. The treasurer shall deposit all monies in the appropriate church account. Before writing a check the treasurer shall be sure the budget provides, or by special action the church provides, for the expenditure, and that sufficient funds are in the bank. The treasurer shall pay all bills when due or before, when sufficient funds are available.
When a successor is elected, the treasurer shall promptly deliver to the active treasurer all books, records, and accounts pertaining to the office.
The church shall also elect an assistant treasurer to assist the treasurer and to act in the treasurer’s absence.

The financial secretary shall receive the empty collection envelopes after the money has been removed and counted by the counting committee and give each donor individual credit on the record forms provided by the church; keep the envelopes for reference for a period of 13 months; prepare and mail an annual report to each contributor. This information shall be kept private.

Five trustees will hold in trust the church property. They shall have no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease, or transfer any property without a specific vote of the church authorizing each action. It shall be the function of the trustees to affix their signatures to legal documents involving the sale, mortgage, purchase, or rental of property or other legal documents where the signatures of trustees are required. They shall organize annually by electing a chairman. They shall hold meetings as necessary.

The chairman of ushers shall select a sufficient number of ushers to care for the seating and comfort of the congregation, the greeting and introduction of visitors, the prevention of interruptions and distractions, and similar needed services.

All church committee members shall be recommended by the nominating committee and selected by the church unless otherwise indicated below.  Deacons, church officers, teachers and committee chairs must be members of the church.  Non-church members may serve on committees.

The church council shall seek to correlate and coordinate the activities and organizations of the church. The council, unless otherwise determined by the vote of the church, shall be composed of the pastor, staff members, clerk, treasurer, music director, chairman of deacons, and heads of organizations. The council shall serve the church in planning, promoting, and evaluating the entire church program. The number of meetings may be determined by the council. All matters agreed upon by the council, calling for action not already provided for, shall be referred to the church for approval or disapproval.

The counting committee shall consist of two persons selected by the chairman of ushers. The counting committee shall count all monies of the church; inform the church treasurer of the amount in writing; have at least two persons present when monies are counted; fill in a duplicate receipt slip to be initialed by two counters and verified by the treasurer; give one copy to the treasurer and retain the original for the record. The monies should be counted at the church immediately following the services.

The finance committee shall consist of five members. It shall plan and recommend an annual budget for each church year; help prepare a monthly financial report; have the responsibility to make an annual audit of the financial records and render the report to the church. The finance committee shall review and make a recommendation on any non-budgeted item referred to them by the church.

The flower committee shall consist of two members. It shall see that flowers are sent for the deceased of our church family and to the immediate family (spouse, child, mother, father, brother, or sister of a church member).

The library and audio-visual aids committee shall consist of three members. It shall be responsible for the church library and serve as a resource center for the church. It shall establish regular hours for the library; catalog and inventory all articles and books; provide printed and audio-visual resources; promote the use of printed and audio-visual resources; consult with church leaders and members in the use of printed and audio-visual resources.

The long-range planning committee shall be composed of the church council and the trustees. It shall plan for the future growth and expansion of the church’s physical properties and programs. It shall analyze present and future needs of the church and community; set church objectives, goals, and strategies; maintain communication with church members throughout the planning process; present specific long range plans to the church for study and approval.

The membership committee shall consist of five members. If persons coming for membership are not from Baptist churches of like faith and order, their request for membership shall be referred to the membership committee for consideration and recommendation. The membership committee shall maintain an active membership roll of all members. It shall urge all non-resident members to unite with a local church of like faith and practice.

The nominating committee shall consist of five members elected by the church at the June business meeting. It shall bring to the church’s August business meeting nominations for all church leadership positions that are filled by volunteers. It shall work the entire year with the church leaders to enlist volunteers to fill unavoidable vacancies so as to keep the organization completely staffed. The Sunday School Superintendent shall be an ex-officio member of the nominating committee.

The personnel committee shall be composed of the pastor and deacons. All employed personnel shall be recommended to the church by the personnel committee for church approval. The personnel committee shall have the oversight of all employees as to duties, job descriptions, salaries, working hours, vacations, etc. It is to be understood that the church is to do the employing and the terminating, if it should become necessary, of any and/or all of its employees. In the matter of employing and terminating, the committee shall only find and recommend. The pastor is not to be considered an employee, but a “Called Servant”.

The publicity committee shall consist of three members. The publicity committee is charged with the responsibility to communicate the church’s mission and work to members of the church and to the community. It shall assist church leaders to communicate the message of the church to publics within and without the church; make studies and recommendations regarding the need for church use of appropriate media to reach specific target audiences; assist the church member to better understand the value of good church public relations and how the member can improve relations for the church; recommend appropriate policies and projects to improve church public relations.

The social and kitchen committee shall consist of five members. It shall be in charge of the kitchen at all general social events as directed by the church.