Cameroon Mission May 2016 Update

When it comes to the use of money what God expects of us is not always compatible with the world’s way. It may surprise you that the Bible says more about giving than about saving or investing. In fact, when it comes to investing the Bible says the best investments are the ones we send to heaven – that is giving. Then the Bible guides us on how to give – sacrificially and compassionately. Sacrificial giving is not giving when it is comfortable; it is giving that follows the leadership of the Holy Spirit. It is giving anchored in the promise found in Phil. 4: 9, “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” It means that believers with a generous heart hold their material possessions loosely as they use their share of the Lord’s wealth to spread His blessings to others. What we possess is a share of the Lord’s wealth according to Ps. 24:1a, The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein.” We are within the tradition of obedient servants of the most high if we choose to give compassionately and sacrificially to further God’s kingdom agenda on earth. That is why I am asking you to consider with your family in the next four months to give $50 towards the Cameroon Scholarship Fund. If we have ten families giving $50 a month in the next four months we will realize the much needed $2000 to complete the 2016/2017 school fees for fifteen students in Cameroon. That is $50x10x4 = $2,000. If we continue in the same spirit of compassionate sacrificial giving with ten families giving $50 in twelve months it will amount to $50x10x12 =$6,000 on a yearly bases and we will send more children to school in Cameroon. May the Good Lord who has graciously allowed us to share in his wealth, grant us the ability to persist in compassionate sacrificial giving for his glory and the blessing of others. Amen!