Victory Baptist Church is a community of believers who love Jesus Christ, one another, and those in their community.

Rev. Ngum Eric Mangek
Pastor Victory Baptist Church

I am blessed to have experienced the blessing of a Christian home, although I was not born into one. I moved in to live with my uncle (a pastor) at 13. Through regular family devotion, Bible study, church attendance, and involvement in youth activities, I came to know God’s abundant grace expressed in his unconditional love for me through Christ. With that understanding I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord when I was eighteen, but it would be after graduating from the university in 1992 that I came to a fuller understanding of the faith I had expressed in Jesus Christ as a young adult. It was then I fully understood what the death and resurrection of Jesus meant to me personally - that my sins had been forgiven, not because I did anything, but because Jesus did everything for me - He paid the full price of my sins. He exchanged his life for mine when he died on the cross and Jesus has credited my account with his righteous life, so that “I no longer life, but Christ lives in me” (Gal. 2:20) . Consequently, I have surrendered the rest of my life to the praise and glory of the one who has saved and is sanctifying me for his infinite glory.  Additionally, I am blessed to tell others about the love and justice of God in Jesus Christ. My personally resolve in life is to do everything to bring Christ glory and bless others in the process.


Allyn Davenport
Deborah O’ Dell
Children/Youth Leader
Deanna Sexton
Church Clerk/Treasurer