The Last word on Marriage is God’s Word

In my humble opinion the Supreme Court of the United States is late in the game, and here is what I mean, the “church” in the last decade had taken the first step in embracing this twenty first century alternate life style as an acceptable lifestyle not only for the laity but even for the clergy. I may be wrong, but don’t we have men and women on pulpits in this country leading churches that have accepted this as a lifestyle for themselves? I may be wrong again, but don’t we have “churches” in this country that are performing marriages for those who have chosen this as their lifestyle? People are free to choose whatever lifestyle for themselves and their families, but it does not mean they are right. By the way, do not get me wrong, I am not against anyone who has chosen this as their lifestyle. What I have a problem with is that they think I am wrong for saying I disagree with them based on my faith.

The decision of the Supreme Court in my opinion (my opinion informed by the infallible word of God) is wrong, and as I have said already they are late to the game. Unfortunately, the last word on marriage does not rest with the Supreme Court or with any group of humans regardless of how powerful that group may be. God has spoken on the subject of marriage and that is the final authority when it comes to marriage. It does not mean everyone would agree with his word; however, whether man agrees with his word or not it does not change his word of marriage carries the majority opinion - period.

There are so many nations in the world where polygamy is the norm, but that has not changed the truth God intended marriage for one man and one woman. Polygamy has been going on in other parts of the world for centuries and God as Hershael York rightly observes, “The Triune God has not called an emergency session and will not be announcing a strategy of response to the latest development. He is working all things - even and especially this - to His glory for our good.” We may not see what the good is now, but can agree with the trust in Romans 8:28 “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.”

There may be people who would blame this rightly or wrongly on the current administration. To such I have only one question. Why do you think God allowed this administration to be in power at this time in the USA? If it is true as Scripture asserts that all authority is put in place by God to serve as his servant punishing those who do evil and rewarding those who do good, (Romans 13:1-7), we must as the church ask ourselves is God punishing us as a nation for our evil deeds? The question then that demands an answer is where has the church been and what has the church been doing? It is true, the church is waging war against the shift in culture that is steadily strangling the Christian voice. Maybe, and just maybe, the church is spending time and resources fighting these cultural wars rather than spending time loving God and our neighbor. My Bible tells me when we love one another the world would know we are disciples of Jesus Christ. My Bible does not tell me when we win the cultural war then the world would know we are disciples of Jesus Christ.

If the decision of the Supreme Court has proven anything it is that even those God put in authority can go their own way led that way by their sin nature. However, there is on authority that stands forever and is always true and that authority’s view on marriage is what must continue to motivate the true church. The second thing the Supreme Court’s decision must accomplish is drive Christ’s followers deeper into the word and further out into the world with the saving gospel message. The third thing every child of God should do in the wake of this culture shifting decision is look at their own marriage and ask some tough questions like, is my marriage reflecting the love of Christ, the truth, and the relationship of Jesus Christ and the church.

If there is one thing to preoccupy the Christian home it is this; a determination to give Christian marriage a chance to shine and maybe the light of a biblical marriage will shine so bright others will be drawn to Christ. After all, what would be the use saving Christian marriage when they end in divorce leaving children confused and embittered? That is why the best fight the true church can put forth is to return to the basic of biblical marriage and begin to live it out in our homes, churches, neighborhoods, communities, and nation. Rather than just talk about biblical marriage let the world begin to see numerous examples of biblical marriage in display. And as Hershael York puts is in The Southern Blog, “It may seem like we’ve hit the bottom. By God’s grace, we are about to discover there’s a Rock down there.”

I think as a nation and especially as the church we have gradually and certainly being on the highway running from God. What the Supreme Court did this week is catching up with the “church” that has embraced this alternative lifestyles that directly contradicts the Word of God. It was Geoffrey Chaucer who posed the timeless question, “If gold rust, what then can iron do?” If the church called and set apart to be the radiance of the glory of God has already embraced and is opening living the alternative lifestyle, what more do we expect from the Supreme Court?

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