VBC’s 2015 VBS

It is hard to imagine the month of March has come and gone and we are two and half months away from our VBS 2015. I am excited because God is going to do great things with the 2015 VBS. Here is why I say that;

We are excited about coming. Our teams are coming together. We will probably have 8 people on Team 1 and are planning for 14 people on Team 2. I do want to go over some of the details that we talked about initially to make sure we are on the same page. I will be sending you a trip agenda for both teams and we can fill in any blanks.

Tom Strike, who is leading the VBS team, is wanting to connect with the ladies that we met on our first visit. Tom has questions about: the purchase of VBS materials, using the music that is included in the VBS material, and the number of workers from your congregation. Can you please send the contact information for the lady we visited with last time?

Please let your church know that we are continuing to pray for God to move in great ways. Do you have any specific prayer requests that we can be praying for?

The above is an email from David Mason the Associational Missionary, Central Baptist Association of Arkansas. David and two others were here to visit and make preliminary plans for sending a mission team (2) to help with our 2015 VBS. As you can see from his email things are gearing up and we must also be gearing up for this unique event ourselves. The best way to get ready is to pray, and here is how we can pray.
Frist, we must begin to pray for God to lead us to young adults with families we can invite to the VBS.
Second, we must pray God to help us locate an areas of the city that the first team would visit and invite young adults with children to the VBS.
Third, we must pray for a great car wash that God would bring the community to the car wash so that we can use the opportunity to sign up families for the VBS.
Fourth, pray for the two teams that are coming for God to prepare them for the task ahead of them.
Fifth, pray for our readiness and willingness to do whatever it takes to receive, host, and serve the teams that are coming to help facilitate our VBS.
Sixth, pray that there would be a great harvest and the church would experience numerical growth after the VBS.
Seventh, pray for sound spiritual leadership both from VBC VBS team leaders and from the two mission teams coming. Pray that those in leadership would lead well and those under them would follow willingly and that everything would be done orderly and decently to the glory of God’s name and the blessing of many.

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